Quintesssential Barrington “Meet Lynnea Walsh”

As featured in Quintessential Barrington Magazine – Philanthropy News by Shefali Bhuva

South Barrington resident Lynnea Walsh has lived in the Barrington area for over 30 years. Her career focused on operations and finance as the director of operations for Total Event Resources. She is currently the CFO of Locke-Brothers, a Barrington-based rep firm of manufacturing companies.

Walsh has always made time to be part of the community and volunteer, even while working and raising four active boys (now ages 22 to 28) who attended schools in the Barrington area. Here are her thoughts on the value of volunteering.


“I volunteered all of the years that my boys were attending school from kindergarten to 12th grade, almost 18 years! I have volunteered in classrooms, the various PTOs, Teens for Teens, soccer teams, volleyball, football, business organizations, and for Shelter. 

I held leadership positions in many of these volunteer roles. I volunteered initially to help the organization and my children. The people I met, as well as the teachers, coaches, and administration, are still some of my dear friends today. I have a giving spirit in general, but I think all of my volunteer experiences have been as important to me as to the organization. It is a cycle that does not end—if you help someone, it helps you as well. Giving back is what life is about!”


“To me, volunteering is two-fold. What you get back is way more than what you give. Helping others and helping organizations, whether it is school, work, or children, is a win-win.” 


“I am now volunteering as a coach with the One Million Degrees (OMD) program at Harper College. I was approached by Shefali Bhuva through the Barrington Area Volunteer Connection (BAVC) and was immediately interested. I completed my degree when I turned 50, and I am passionate about higher education. 

After three years of college when I was in my 20s, I found the perfect job, and I never finished my education. It was something that bothered me my whole life, and with a little push from some family and friends, I put my life on hold to finish it.

It is important to have that push and someone to talk to about what you are going through. I helped my four boys, as well as my stepdaughter, to navigate their college years. I feel like college students need some guidance, encouragement, time to bounce ideas of someone, and a push now and then. 

OMD is an area that I have a passion for, as well as experience in. I was just assigned my scholar, who is a nursing student with a child who is a young teen. I can understand how difficult it must be for her to navigate school, parenting, and other commitments. Anything I can do to encourage her, goal-set with her, and help navigate the college years is where I hope to add value. Everyone needs someone in their corner during the challenging college years!”


“I am now at a time in my life where my children are grown and most of them are done with college, so I have settled my work life a bit, and do not travel into the city every day, and I now have some time. How can I not look for areas to help others? It really is what we are called to do. I grew up in a home where faith and service were important, and it is an important part of my life. 

This is the perfect time to create your profile on BAVC and start volunteering! To hear more from these nonprofits, visit thebavc.org/news.


Published January 2022 by Quintessential Barrington in Barrington, Illinois.