Nonprofit Highlight: Wings Program

Below is Barrington Area Volunteer Connection’s fifteenth installment of their profile program, highlighting nonprofits using BAVC for their volunteering needs. Keep reading for the profile of Let IT Be Us.

Interview with Bruna Srb| Manager of Volunteer Services –  Wings Program

What do you feel is the most important benefit your organization provides to the community?

Our organization help to create a society in which every domestic violence survivor has a voice and resources to break the cycle of domestic violence.

How do you utilize volunteers in your organization?
We utilize volunteers in our two shelters, in our 3 resale stores, our logistic center, events, transitional housing, mentors, office,and events.

What tips do you have for new or existing volunteers?

When volunteering on a consistent basis, choose an organization that you are passionate about the mission, with reasonable time to drive. Ask questions about commitment and training.

What advice would you give to other nonprofits that need to make use of volunteers?

Volunteers are priceless! Treat them well! Be thankful that they choose you!

How did you become involved with this organization?

I have worked for WINGS for 14 years. I love the mission!

Are there any new programs or new initiatives you will be implementing for 2021?

We have a new Mentoring program for people that are in a domestic violence situation and now they can have a mentor that experiences first-hand DV.

Can you share your favorite volunteer moment or story?

Difficult to choose, but one of our high moments is when our volunteer age 93, got an award for volunteer of the year! I was so proud and thankful for this!

Can you share any examples of where BAVC has been able to help you with volunteers?

We did have a 5k and had a few volunteers sign up to help via BAVC.

Is there anything else you would like BAVC to know for your profile?
We are passionate to help people!


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