Nonprofit Highlight: Barrington Youth & Family Services

Below is Barrington Area Volunteer Connection’s second installment of their new profile program, highlighting featured non-profits using BAVC. Keep reading for the profile of Barrington Youth & Family Services (BYFS).

Interview with Betsy Wintringer – Executive Director | Barrington Youth & Family Services (BYFS)

How do you utilize volunteers at BYFS?

      Currently, our greatest need for volunteers centers around Board governance, training, and strategic planning. As we near our 50th anniversary, we are also really looking for someone or to help us tell our story to the community. Given the nature of our work, it is difficult to utilize volunteers in a hands-on capacity around our clients for confidentiality purposes. That said, from time to time, we do need students to help with mailings and other administrative tasks that might not be very exciting, but are incredibly helpful to the Agency! We always offer volunteer hours and great snacks!

What tips do you have for new or existing volunteers or nonprofits looking for volunteers? 

  • Make sure the role is clearly defined- that there are clearly defined objectives and that a timeline is in place.
  • Be mindful of the time you are asking from the volunteer and make sure to honor the commitment and that the time is used in a meaningful way.
  • Make sure that what your volunteer is looking for aligns with your organization’s mission and what you are looking for so that you truly are a match made for each other!
  • Make sure to check in with the volunteer to make sure they are benefitting from their time with the organization as much as your organization is. Seek feedback when possible


A happy, well-versed (on your mission) volunteer can be a great champion and ambassador for your organization! 

How did you become involved with the organization?

Having grown up in Barrington, I was familiar with the services BYFS (BYS) back then offered. When I moved back, I attended the annual BYFS gala. When the organization was looking for a new Executive Director, I was fortunate that a Board member thought of me. And, here we are almost 3 years later!

What do you feel is the most important benefit your organization provides to the community? Or what do you feel is the best thing about your organization?

I love that we work to remove as many barriers as possible for our clients so they can access the help they need. Our goal is to never turn anyone away due to their inability to pay.  I love our collaborative relationship with the District and other wonderful organizations that are all working to better our community. We are so lucky to have so many resources in Barrington.

How has your organization handled the challenges during Covid, as far as your services, programs, staffing, etc?

For BYFS, it meant adopting a new way of delivering our services. Within 48 hours of the COVID shutdown, we adopted a new platform and set of procedures for conducting telehealth. This meant that our AMAZING counselors had to learn new ways of connecting with clients and virtually building trust with a client- components critical to their success. Thankfully, today we are back to seeing almost 90% of our clients in person. We do have new safety protocols that we are following and many will remain in place post-Covid.


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