BAVC March 2021 Newsletter

Starting this month, we are happy to introduce Barrington Area Volunteer Connection’s newsletter to nonprofits. The newsletter will feature tips for nonprofits to more effectively use GetConnected to recruit volunteers; information about nonprofit strategies, and other tools to help your organization’s mission.

If you would like to see information on a specific topic or add a recipient to our monthly newsletters, please email us at



Creating an eye-catching need is essential to increase volunteer responses and help build a critical mass of volunteers on the BAVC platform.

  1. Needs Title
    Catch Your Volunteer’s Attention with a Short Compelling Title: for example, ” Be A Superstar with Dogs!”
    When coming up with a title for your Need, it helps to think like a marketer. Avoid vague, generic titles like “Volunteers Needed” and “Help Wanted.”
  2. Needs Description
    Explain how this volunteer job is going to help make a difference in your community. Even if you are just asking people to answer phones, make sure your volunteers understand the big picture.
    Appeal to volunteers’ desire to support your cause with enthusiasm!
  3. Needs Duration
    Even if you have an ongoing volunteer need, we recommend you choose “runs until” with a future ending date so that you remember to review and update the need as time passes by. By default, the platform displays the most recently added or updated Needs at the top of the opportunity listing for volunteers and this will help prevent your Need from getting stale or too far down the list.
  4. Virtual Need
    If the work can be performed by the volunteer from home, please don’t forget to check the “Virtual Need” box as “Yes”! Especially during Covid times, virtual needs can be considered more desirable for many potential volunteers.
    If you indicate the need is virtual, your need will roll up to the spotlight on the BAVC home page which highlights virtual needs.
  5. Next Step for an Interested Volunteer
    Recommendation: a volunteer may be excited about your opportunity, but they may be unsure of the next step so we recommend that you add this statement at the end of every Need:
    In order to find out more about this opportunity, or simply to get involved:
    • Please click the green “Respond” button on this page.
    • Then, on the next page, add any additional comments and click the green “Submit Response” button.
    • You can expect an email with additional instructions within 1-3 business days after responding.



Upcoming enrichment opportunities:

Nonprofit Know-How: Advocacy

Wednesday, March 31, 12 – 1 PM

Learn from Alicia Schatteman, Director of the Center for Nonprofit & NGO Studies at Northern Illinois University, about how to advocate for your cause while remaining in accord with your organization’s official nonprofit status. Register.

Nonprofit Know-How: Volunteer Management

Thursday, April 22, 12 – 1 PM

Most nonprofits need volunteers to fulfill their mission. The volunteer landscape changed drastically in 2020. Let’s talk about how you’ve adapted, what the future holds, and what tools are available to help. Bring your ideas and questions, and we’ll share over a virtual lunch. Register.

Thanks for reading; keep on doing good!

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