How The BAVC Works

About the Get Connected Platform:

The foundation of the BAVC is a volunteer platform designed to connect area residents with local nonprofits based on the causes that matter to them. 

Nonprofits share information on the platform about their causes and specific opportunities where volunteer support is needed. Volunteers create personal accounts on the platform to connect with organizations that match their passions and find opportunities to make a difference. BAVC’s goal is to bring all 100+ Barrington nonprofits, churches, and service organizations into one searchable database where volunteer opportunities can be posted and volunteer responses collected and managed.

The Barrington Area Development Council purchased the software license and the Barrington Area Library is providing training and support for our platform. The software is free to our users under a sub-license and was built to strengthen our local organizations.

View our table below to see how you can become a part of BAVC.



If you are interested in signing up as a volunteer, please follow the steps below to register on our site, If you have any further questions, check out this Galaxy Digital help page or contact us at
  1. Create an account at
    • Click the “Sign Up” button at the top of the webpage.
    • Enter your name, email address and any other required information.
    • Click “Create Account”
  1. Select which volunteer opportunities interest you
    • Volunteer organizations are organized under different “causes”. Select which causes you are most passionate about. This will help our site introduce you to organizations who support these same causes.
  1. Next, select your interests and skills
    • If you have marketing, finance, or any other unique experience, here is where you can indicate that on your account. This will help the site connect you to organizations looking for folks with your skillset
  1. You’re done! Click continue to go to your Dashboard and browse available opportunities.


If you would like to connect with Barrington area volunteers, please follow the steps at to apply for BAVC membership. Information you’ll need:

How can we contact you?

    • Your nonprofit’s name 
    • Your volunteer manager’s email address
    • Postal address
    • Contact person’s name (title optional)
    • Email addresses of other key members of your organization

Details about the nonprofit

    • From our list of twenty causes, choose those that apply to you (you may select multiple causes)
    • Further customization of your volunteer link  
    • What you do 
    • Who you are
    • Logo (540 x 540 pixels recommended)

Optional information

    • Images, photos, or graphics (strongly recommended)
    • Hours of operation
    • General organization email
    • Phone number
    • Social media accounts
    • Link to organization video

Once we receive your application, a member of the BAVC team will get back to you. You may also reach out to us at with questions or concerns.