Nonprofits must be an organization either legally incorporated in the State of Illinois or authorized to do business in the State of Illinois or an Illinois public entity and provide services and/or volunteer opportunities within the Barrington Area.

New Nonprofit registrations will be accepted year-round, and approved by a committee of volunteers that support the BAVC. For your organization’s protection, BAVC requires that nonprofits have liability insurance to cover volunteers performing services.

Please note: All account managers are required to attend a basic training session to learn the volunteer.thebavc.org software.

It is easy to create a profile and can mirror the information on your website. We require your organization’s general information, purpose/mission, a square logo, photos and any other information you wish to share with potential volunteers.

You can describe the requirements or training in your needs description and also in your email back to the volunteer who registered on BAVC.

Name and email are the only requirements to create a volunteer account. Once an account is created, the volunteer can select causes and skills that match their interests, and will connect them to matching nonprofit organizations and their needs. The volunteer can also choose to become a “fan” of other nonprofits.

Volunteers do not need to track their time unless they want to and BAVC does not require it. However, the nonprofit has the option to require volunteers to create an account and to track hours for their own purposes

You can email through the “Responses” section of your platform. A checkbox will pop up next to each volunteer and you can opt them in or out.

We suggest selecting “Runs until….” Then, give the need an expiration date of your choosing, and note on your calendar when it will be time to refresh. This keeps your opportunity top of mind for new and existing volunteers.

If you do choose to use “Ongoing,” please note that does not allow you to specify days, dates, time, number of volunteers needed, or use the mobile app for check-in.

One primary and up to twelve secondary managers. Only the primary manager can add secondary managers.  

Every nonprofit can only see the volunteers that have “responded to a need” for their own nonprofit.

Automated notifications are set at the Galaxy Site Manager level, but if several nonprofits make a request for a language change, it can be considered!

If you have login issues or need help with your profile, please email us at admin@thebavc.org and one of our team members will get back to you.


We welcome all volunteers! Nonprofits seeking membership are asked to demonstrate a connection to the Barrington area.

The local BAVC site management team and managers of nonprofits you volunteer with can access your contact information. At this time, nonprofit managers cannot see who their “fans” are. Information is not shared to any non-member entity.

Volunteers who are 13 and over may create their own account. People under the age of 13 must be represented by a responsible adult (guardian, parent, coach, youth or troop leader, etc). Nonprofit organizations will indicate what ages are appropriate for specific volunteer needs.

There is a mobile app for volunteers! It serves three main functions. Volunteers can:

    • View their personal calendar of volunteer commitments
    • Check in and out for scheduled shifts
    • View or record volunteer hours (if they did not use check-in)


Visit volunteer.thebavc.org to create an account, find new opportunities, update your profile, become an organization’s fan, or utilize other functions.

We are always interested to have new volunteers join us! Please email us at admin@thebavc.org.

Send us a note, including your name and phone number, at admin@thebavc.org and one of our Ambassadors will contact you directly.