Enabling Easy Connections for
Volunteers and Nonprofit Organizations
in the 60010 Area

The Barrington Volunteer Connection (BAVC) is a single, shared platform for local nonprofits, volunteers, partners, and collaborators. Our mission is to promote nonprofits, recruit volunteers and connect individuals in the community.

Barrington Area Volunteer Connection benefits the Barrington Community by:

  • Increasing awareness of the nonprofit to the community and how they can help residents
  • Reaching a larger audience to volunteers with shared interests
  • Building relationships with others in the nonprofit community
  • Aiding organizations seeking nonprofit direction and guidance

BAVC brings together the greater Barrington area nonprofits, service organizations, and faith organizations in one searchable database so that volunteers can easily find opportunities that match their interests.

Thank you to Barrington Area Community Foundation for their generous support.

BAVC Logo - & symbol

The foundation of BAVC is a volunteer match platform called GetConnected which serves as a clearinghouse to bring together nonprofits, volunteers, and collaborators to match volunteer interests with organizations needing assistance.

BAVC Logo - & symbol

GetConnected also offers organizations optional features such as easy record keeping of volunteer hours, mobile check in and shift reminders and other ways to communicate with volunteers.

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 BAVC was developed via a partnership between Barrington Area Development Council and the Barrington Area Library.   Barrington Area Volunteer Connection focuses on fostering connections between Barrington area nonprofits and local volunteers for the benefit of the individuals, the organizations, and the greater community.